Ketogenic Diet: Mistakes And Tips

The Ketogenic diet is difficult for some people to get used to. Here are common mistakes that people make on the diet and some tips.

Probiotics and Gut Health

Our normal food is so processed and stripped on nutrition that our digestive system has a hard time dealing with it. Many people have digestive issues with certain foods. Taking some probiotic supplements can help your digestive system get back on track as it gets used to eating real food again. As your gut gets healthier you may find you can tolerate some foods again. Take it slow and see how you do. Our bodies don’t get the bacteria we need to process food properly so probiotics can help us restore our health as we go on the Ketogenic diet.

Grass Fed Beef              

Regular beef can be fine on a budget but if you can afford it go for grass-fed beef. You won’t get all the hormones and depleted minerals that regular beef has. Try to go for organic meats whenever possible and stay clear of regular meat when you can. Try a local farmer’s market as most of the meat served there is fresh and very good. If you hunt, then fresh game can also be excellent too.

Low Carb Substitutes

If you’re going to eat carbs just eat a real food that contains them not a low carbohydrate processed food. Most low carb foods just aren’t that great for you. These may be consumed on occasion but you should really just go for a real food that contains carbohydrates and leave the junk on the shelves even if it’s low-carb because it’s still junk that you don’t want to eat very often or at all.

Diet Soda

Replacing sugar soda with diet soda isn’t a good idea at all. The diet soda is just as bad for you if not worse. Try switching to plain water and sticking with it.  It’s far too east to get addicted to these diet sodas, so just eliminate soda altogether on the Ketogenic diet. Your body needs to transition to consuming real foods and diet soda is as far from a real food as it gets.

Not Enough Real Food

On this diet you just have to eat real food. By not eating real food you’re defeating the purpose of the diet which is designed to get you healthy. If you need something sweet then have a real apple not the juice or apple pie. Your body will process the real food and you’ll lose weight.  Eat the real food so your body gets the vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly. You’ll feel much better and it makes the transition to the Ketogenic lifestyle easier.  Eat more real food each day and move away from all the processed food you normally eat. Once you are used to doing this then you can go on a complete real food diet. Go slow at first if you need to but make a conscious decision to eat more real food within framework of the Ketogenic diet..


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