Trying To Lose Weight or Fight Diabetes?: Why Keto Is Better Than Low Calorie Diets

There are several scientists who say that low-carb and high-fat Ketogenic Diet plan is way much better for those who are trying to shed off some pounds and those with metabolic syndrome, compared to being obsessed with calorie restriction. The experts in obesity has emphasized the failure of counting the calories, so as the need to embrace the principle, “consume calories, instead of avoiding it.’

They believe that with this practice, the battle against diabetes and obesity can be resolved. Based on the explanation of Dr. David Ludwig, Obesity Prevention Center’s director, the connotation “eat little and exercise more” dogma is wrong. Low-Carb and High-Fat Dietary Plans can avoid the Spiking of Diabetic Patients… Also, Dr. Ludwig stressed out that the real cause of weight increase is not the consumption of high amounts of calories, instead, it is due to eating high-carb meals in the form of refined carbohydrates.

He explained that it is because of the fact that the body is stowing fat every time the insulin increases, which is often triggered by eating too much sugar as well as process grains, like the famous white bread. Dr. Ludwig also clarified that the people have to set aside the “low-fat diet” precept. According to this medical professional, there are some foods that are high in fat, such as olive oil and avocado, which are indeed healthy. Dr. David Ludwig is among those medical experts who are correcting the myth that high-fat diet can contribute to weight gain, and that by restricting calorie is the best weight loss solution. As reiterated by medical experts before, the best method in order to decrease pounds is by preventing the insulin to increase, and this can be accomplished by low-carb and high-fat dietary plans, like Ketogenic Diet and Atkins Diet. Suffice to say, insulin is the grandfather of the anabolic hormones.

When it goes up, the craving for food also leverages. Also, consumption of refined carbohydrates, for instance, 1 pack of jelly beans (100 calories and free of fats), can generate staggering insulin spikes, which in turn signals the fat cells to keep calories. On the other hand, consumption of nuts with 100 calories will not impose similar insulin increase. As a matter of fact, it will make you feel satiated for long time, while the jelly beans can cause blood sugar surge and then suddenly crashes down, resulting to immediate hunger. Sugar Increases Insulin, which Triggers Inflammation… Surges in the blood sugar so as in insulin may result to Diabetes, other metabolic syndromes, and inflammation. Many medical experts say that these conditions can be avoided by having an LCHF or low-carb and high-fat diet.

The comments of Dr. David Ludwig in JAMA originated from the new scientific research results telling that unprocessed saturated fat is not really what triggers Diabetes, weight gain, and even heart disease. The real causative factor of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, Diabetes, and high cholesterol are the diets that are high in carbohydrates, most especially high in sugar. The idea of eating low-carb, high-fat diet is also the advocacy of the author of The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz. She even mentioned in her book that several rigorous diet trials have proven that LCHF diet, like Ketogenic Diet, is a much better option for combatting Diabetes, Obesity, and also, heart disease..