What Are Ketostix And How Do I use Them? (Explained + Color Chart)

If you have been catching up on the ketogenic diet lately, then you have surely must have heard some people talk about ketostix (sometimes incorrectly spelled as keto sticks or ketosticks). So let’s gets back to the question, what are ketostix? And what do you need them for? Those two questions will be answered in this article – ketostix and ketone urinalysis testing.

What are Ketositx?

All in all, Ketostix are tiny, skinny plastic strips with a small color screen type area on it. When you take a ketostix and dip it in our urine (or pee on it), the color screen are will change color and will let you know the amount of ketones that you have at the moment in your urine. This is very important for people who are on the keto diet because it will let you know that your body has been adapted to ketosis and that you are in the right path in your diet. In other words you are doing your diet correctly. So if you are on the keto diet I would really recommend you to get them and they are not expensive.

Do I need to buy ketostix?

There is no correct answer to this question simply because it is based on the individual. If the individual is new to this keto diet and unsure than they will be very useful for them because it will show them if they are doing the keto diet correctly and have decreased their carbohydrate intake to force the body to go into ketosis, there for using the fat for energy instead of other sources like carbs. People who are more experienced with the ketogenic diet may use the ketostix to help them show how many more carbs they can eat before they are out of the ketosis state.

Ketostix can also be a great motivation player in your keto diet. Once you see your strip turn into the purple color you will have a positive movement in your attitude thus making your stay motivated. Some of us may require that little bit of motivation to go the extra mile. It can seem ridiculous to some, however doing the ketogenic diet won’t be easy to others and definitely not an easy task to accomplish, so getting them can be just proof for you that you are actually burning your fat.

Where can I buy Ketostix?

Ketostix are available at most local pharmacies like cvs pharmacy or Walgreens; however I would recommend purchasing them online from Amazon. The ketostix on Amazon are of high quality and they work without any problems. The price on Amazon is also a lot cheaper than in the pharmacies and it also gets shipped right to your door fast.

If you do go out and buy them at your pharmacy, you won’t be having that much problems getting them. Just ask an employee who works there and they should be able to point you to the brand name ketostix which is produced by Brayer. If you run into problems finding this brand or they are having trouble knowing what it is here are some other names for them.

–          Ketone testing strips

–          Ketone test strips

–          Lipolysis test strips

–          Ketone urinalysis strips

–          Urinalysis reagent test strip

–          Keto strips for urine


How to use ketostix?

It’s very simple; all you need to do is dip the strip into your urine or just pee on it and an area on the strip shall change colors indicating your result. You can find more detailed instructions on the back of the box and what the colors mean. Hope this helps answer some of your questions that you may have had about ketostix.

Ketostix Color Chart



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