Working Out And Exercising While On The Ketogenic Diet

Can I be Working out and exercising when I ‘am on the keto diet. As you may already know the ketogenic diet is a special diet that forces your body to go into the state of ketosis. While your body is in the state of ketosis it will change the energy source from your body from carbohydrates to fats as your main source for energy. Ketosis is an enjoyable to state to go into because it causes super quick fat weight loss and it also controls your sugar in your blood. It also has the benefits of preventing from you craving foods if you are the type who is always hungry. For you to achieve the state of ketosis you will need to cut down on your carbohydrates by A LOT! The recommended is less than 30 grams per day, the less carbs you intake the better for you. Once you cut down on your carb intake, your body will be forced to use a different source for energy, thus it will be burning fat.

Working Out While On The Ketogenic Diet

While on the keto diet you will be in a state of ketosis which is healthy and a perfectly natural condition to be in.  So when you are in the state of ketosis you will be having plenty of energy and will be feeling the opposite of lazy so you may be working out. One thing some people are troubled about during their state of ketosis is they claim that they do not have enough energy and strength while working out and that their performance was better when they were eating carbohydrates. Although one can lose weight without any form of exercise and activity on the ketogenic diet, some people who are motivated and want to get in great shape may want to work out. The only drawback is you will feel is a slight decrease in energy if you want to work out heavily.

How Much Should I Exercise While On A Targeted Ketogenic Diet?

If you are on a targeted ketogenic diet your body won’t have enough glycogen inside to support you in full serious workout. This is only if you work out for more than an hour (pro status). Although if you are the average type to work out around 30-45 minutes of exercise then you will have an advantage and this can help you reach your weight loss goal and also have higher endurance. So you should definitely exercise and workout if you can while on the ketogenic diet. As long as you won’t over do it and hurt yourself than you will be in great shape in no time and you will be burning the most fat possible. So working out is something optional you may do and it is not necessary..


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