Ketogenic Diet Myths – True or Not?

There are many myths that surround the low carb diet or Ketogenic diet. Most of these myths simply aren’t true and give a false impression on this type of lifestyle. Here are some myths about this diet.

You Need Carbohydrates

Your body needs essential fatty acids and it needs the building blocks of life the proteins but it doesn’t need carbohydrates. Your body makes carbohydrates from proteins and from fatty acids. Your body does need some carbohydrates but on this diet you still get carbohydrates just not in the amounts that the typical diet provides. Some people get sick and develop diseases such as diabetes when they consume too many carbohydrates. You can still have great health without eating carbohydrates all the time. As long as you get protein and fat there’s little need for massive carbohydrates.

This Diet Hurts Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are hurt more by processing all the garbage carbohydrate foods you eat all day full of sugar and additives. Fat and protein don’t harm your kidneys. If you don’t have kidney disease then protein and fat consumption won’t hurt them. Think of how hard they work to process the chemicals in high carbohydrate junk food.

Ketogenic Diets Cause Calcium Loss

Your body needs protein for good bone health. The protein in fish is excellent for bones as are other foods such as nuts and seeds as well as many vegetables. Protein is the building block of life and it helps all areas of your body including your bones. If you eat fat and protein your bones actually get stronger not weaker. Proteins will help prevent osteoporosis or brittle bones. The sugars we consume each day in pop a help contribute to weaker bones.

You’ll Lose Muscle

It will be difficult to lose muscle while eating protein as this is what builds your muscles in the first place. You can increase your muscle mass on this diet. Watch what weight lifters eat and see why they get bigger. It’s the protein and fat they eat that helps them gain muscles not their carbohydrate consumption. Your body will adapt to a lower carbohydrate diet and you won’t lose muscle.

You Can’t Lose Weight

One the body adapts to not burning carbohydrates for fuel it’s going to go to the next available source which is the fat on your body. Most people can’t lose weight because the body is burning carbohydrates from the food you just ate. Once it can’t find that fuel it will burn your fat and you’ll lose weight. You’ll lose water weight at first and then it will be all fat loss as the body adapts to its new high fat and moderate protein fuel source.

Less Fiber

This diet contains fiber and you will get an adequate amount for vegetables. You’ll eat salad, spinach, cabbage and other vegetable son the diet. Your digestion will be fine as you still get vegetables and some carbs from these types of foods.

Great Diet to Try

The Ketogenic diet takes time to get used to but you can be healthy and lose weight on it. There are many myths surrounding the diet and these are just a few of them. Explore this diet more and you’ll see why it’s a good alternative to modern diets for weight loss and better heath..

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