Ketogenic Diet: Why Eating Fat Won’t Make You Fat

One of the biggest false claims out of the diet industry is that fat will make you fat. While it’s true that some forms of fat especially those that are found in processed food are bad for you, the fat from animal sources just won’t make you fat at all.

Our bodies need fat in order to survive and without it we can have severe health problems. A low-fat diet deprives the body of the essential fats the body needs to maintain proper functioning of the body. A diet of fresh and whole food is what will keep you healthy not eliminating fat. Our high carbohydrate lifestyle has introduced far too much sugar into our diet and just isn’t what our body was designed to live on. While we need some carbohydrates in the diet we eat them in extreme amounts and this contributes to expanding waistlines not the steak or chicken you had for dinner.

When we eat fat our body has to break it down in order to use it properly. The fat in processed fat is bad for you because the body can’t deal with it properly but the fat form animal food is easily broken down by the body and fully utilized. If you’re adding tons of carbohydrates onto the fat you’re eating then you’ll develop problems. The low-fat foods you find in the store are just chemicals that your body can’t use at all and this expands the waistline along with the sugar.

You hear terms like “essential fatty acids” this is because the body needs them to survive. We need fats not the ridiculous amounts of refined carbohydrates we eat now. Our bodies need fats to make hormones, to beat your heart, to help you walk, to help you think. Fat is required for everything. Natural fat found in the diet is a healthy substance and we need it to live.

People have health problems due to the lack of these fatty acids and the idiotic low-fat diet they are on. Weight gain is caused by sugar and carbohydrates that flood into the body. Since we eat so many of them, our body has no choice but to store them. That high-fat steak is far healthier for you than a low-fat muffin full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. The body breaks down the steak since it recognizes it as food it can’t do anything with the muffin so that food is stored as fat.

Fat isn’t the problem in the diet and a low-fat diet is simply one of the most dangerous things you can do to your body. Eating fat from real natural sources is the key. Of course calories count, so you need to be sensible about it. Real pure fat isn’t the killer here, it’s the sugar and carbohydrates we consume daily that are causing people to gain weight along with all the chemicals and junk food we eat..

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