So That’s Her Ultimate Secret: Ketogenic Diet Helps Kim Kardashian Lose Weight

kim kardashianMany people were astonished to know that Kim Kardashian (Kylie Jenner’s sister) dedicated a room in her mansion at Bel Air for her butt-firming exercise. This “booty room” of Ms. Kim is intended to maintain her glutes firm after she lost weight, specifically about 56 pounds.

It is indeed surprising that it was so easy for this Kardashian to lose a significant amount of weight just within a short period of time. Because of this, there are a lot of people who are dying to know what Ms. Kim’s ultimate weight loss solution is. She regained her luscious curves because of the LCHF or low-carb and high-fat Ketogenic-inspired Atkins dietary plan.

Back to her “booty room”, this will house a butt-toning gym equipment, which includes Yukon Butt and Thigh Shaper, ProForm Booty Firm, and other range of resistance and butt-toning band. Based on reports, Ms. Kim will also have a so-called “bum spa” which will pamper her bottom.

Both Ketogenic and Atkins Dietary Plans are Effective in Suppressing the Appetite and Altering Diabetes

As mentioned by reports, the beautiful Kardashian surprisingly lost 56 pounds just within a matter of 6 months and it is all because of low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic-inspired Atkins dietary plan. This diet scheme restricted Kim Kardashian’s daily carbohydrate intake, specifically to 50 grams.

As highly cognizable, the Ketogenic diet is a form of dietary scheme that is comprised of low-carb and high-fat, as well as moderate-protein meal plan. The macronutrient breakdown of this particular diet is roughly 30% protein, 5% carbohydrates, and 65% fat.

This dietary plan is also more on eating healthy fats and restricting carbs in order to facilitate weight loss. This causes the body to burn relevant amount of body fat, which is being transformed to fuel, as explained by Maria Emmerich, who is the author of the well-acclaimed book about Ketogenic diet, Keto Adapted.

The chief nutritionist for the Atkins Nutritionals, Linda O’Byrne, explained the daily menu that Kim Kardashian consumes every day. When it comes to proteins, Ms. Kim should take in chicken, meat, and fish. In terms of healthy fats, the stunning Kardashian must consume nuts, avocados, so as olive oil. Ms. Kim should as well eat low-glycemic fruits such as berries, and vegetables that are low in starch.

Below is an example of an ideal meal plan for Ms. Kim Kardashian:

For Breakfast:


Scrambled eggs along with sautéed spinach

For Lunch:


Salmon partnered with a huge mixed salad that has cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and avocado

For Dinner;

Chicken combined with cauliflower, broccoli, as well as spring greens, drizzled with healthy olive oil.

Ms. O’Byrne furthered that the low-carb and high-fat dietary plans is more efficient in suppressing the appetite compared to low-fat diets. This is among the main reasons why those who are in this dietary scheme don’t feel hungry every now and then, which is the common side effect of high-carb and low-fat diets. On top of that, this preferred diet plan of Ms. Kim Kardashian can also stabilize the blood sugar levels, and it is efficient in the prevention of unnecessary cravings.