Experts Have Spoken: Proven Health Perks of Ketogenic And Low-Carb Diets

Indeed, diets that are low in carbohydrates are among the most controversial topics for several years. In most cases, low-carb diets, like the Ketogenic Diet Plan, are being demonized by media personalities and health experts who are afraid of fats.

To make people believe them, several health professionals, who are against with the consumption of low-carb diets, publicize that such meals would increase their cholesterol level, so as become the main source of heart related diseases, due to their high fat content. However, it seems the table has turned. It is because there are already a lot of people who are eager to know more about low-carb diets, like the great Ketogenic Diet.

Since 2002, there were more than 20 human studies that were done on these diets. In majority of those studies, the low-carbohydrate diets stood out as much better compared to the other diets that were analyzed. Aside from the fact that low-carbohydrate diets, like Ketogenic Diet, can rev up the weight loss efforts, these can as well render significant improvements in a variety of risk factors, for instance, cholesterol.

Are you curious about the other health perks of Ketogenic Diet and other forms of low-carb diet plans? Check them out below:

Ketogenic Diet and other low-carb diets can banish the appetite


If you have tried dieting before, you will surely agree that having hunger pangs is its most horrible side-effect. Hunger is among the primary reasons why dieters become annoyed and just end up discontinuing the diet plan that they are supposed to follow.


Among the most interesting things about low-carb and Ketogenic dietary plans is that they trigger the automatic reduction of the appetite, especially unnecessary appetite. Nowadays, there are numerous studies that can prove that those individuals who cut down their carbohydrate intake and opted to increase their fat and protein consumption eat lesser calories.


Ketogenic and other low-carb diets can lessen the abdominal fat


Medical experts say that fats in the body are not similar. Where the fat sits is the one that determines how it could impact the health, so as the risk of illness. You have to understand that there is fat under the skin or referred to as subcutaneous fat, and that there is fat that resides in the abdominal region or known as visceral fat.


The fat that is underneath the abdominal cavity has the tendency to travel to other organs in the body. Therefore, having huge fat reserve in this particular area can trigger insulin resistance, inflammation, as well as metabolic dysfunction. If you want to lessen the fat that is sitting in your abdominal cavity, then you should consider taking a low-carb diet, like the Ketogenic diet plan.

Ketogenic Diet can result to the reduction of the risk of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.


Ketogenic and other low-carb diet plans can lessen the triglycerides


As a simple review, triglycerides are simply fat molecules. It has been reiterated for a couple of times that fasting triglycerides are among the contributing factors to the risk of having heart disease.


Medical practitioners justified that intense consumption of carbs can elevate the triglyceride level. Thus, one of the best ways to end the problem about soaring triglycerides is following a low-carb diet, like the mighty Ketogenic Diet.


The bottom line is that low-carbohydrate diets, such as Ketogenic Diet, are not solely for weight loss purposes. These can as well correct several “wrongs” in the body, leading to optimum health..