A Woman With Brain Cancer Follows Ketogenic Diet To Treat Her Tumor

One of the news that really stunned the Ketogenic world is that a brain cancer patient, specifically Ms. Alix Hayden, utilizes the prowess of low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic Diet plan in treating her illness. This news made in the headlines of Canada after detailing her cancer journey.

Alix Hayden, who is a Director of Operations at Phenomenon Discoveries, a biotech company, told that she was diagnosed with this deadly disease in August of year 2012. To treat the tumor that is in her head, she follows the LCHF Ketogenic Diet plan, which according to several researchers can starve the cancer cells.

Starving the Brain tumor to Death…

Based on her blog that she posted in Greymadder.net, Alix Hayden truly believes that her low-carb and high-fat diet plan will in time starve her slow-growing tumor. Ms. Hayden, who is in her mid-30s, began her blog to tell her astonishing cancer recovery. According to Ms. Hayden, the fact that she is working in a cancer research facility, at first, she was a bit apprehensive about the Ketogenic Diet.

Alix said that whenever she tells to other people that she manages her illness just by using Ketogenic Diet plan, they are indeed surprised. Take note; Alix Hayden only follows this LCHF diet and she does not take chemotherapy or any kind of conventional treatment for cancer. Ms. Hayden started her Ketogenic Diet treatment in February of 2013.

fishdish1For Ms. Alix Hayden, taking the course of consuming Ketogenic Diet plan is not about taking an alternative therapy. It is about returning to what she already knew and that is lifestyle, diet, biochemistry, and metabolism can impact the health.

Ms. Hayden said that her Ketogenic diet plan involves the consumption of avocado, bacon, and heavy cream. Also, she drastically limited her carbohydrate intake, most especially sugar. As explained by researchers, cancer cells survive on sugar. Overall, the Ketogenic Diet of Ms. Alix Hayden is comprised of 5% carbohydrates, 65% of fats, and 30% of protein.

In a nutshell, Ms. Hayden wants a diet that has high fat content, yet have low amount of sugar, whereby her body would be urged to comply with and utilize fat to generate energy. Alix Hayden works hand in hand with a doctor and dietician.

According to Ms. Hayden, the tumor that is inside her brain has become smaller, starting from the time she started taking Ketogenic Diet. Surprisingly, it also have not become big either. She acquire an MRI every 6 months, and for now, she does not take radiation therapy or chemotherapy, because her tumor has been classified as slow-growing.

Ms. Alix happily told that she as well lost 13 pounds when she embraced the Ketogenic Diet. She emphasized that her decision to take Ketogenic is not a form of weight loss experiment. Nevertheless, she is really surprised with this particular diet plan, since she is not gaining weight and she is getting leaner.

Even though the dietary approach of Ms. Alix Hayden may sound eccentric, many researchers prove that the Ketogenic Diet can be very helpful in contending cancer..