Insights Of Fitness Experts On Ketogenic Diet

Are you among those people who are highly interested with Ketogenic Diet? Do you want to build mass through this low-carb and high-fat diet plan? If yes, then you should check out what the diet guru and fitness trainer Ben Greenfield, who is also the author of the book Weight Training for Triathlon: The Ultimate Guide, and Dan John, a legendary strength coach so as the author of the Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living, and Learning.

These fitness experts provided an excellent explanation of the prowess of the low-carbohydrate and high-fat Ketogenic Diet plan. According to Mr. Greenfield and Mr. John, LCHF diets can truly add strength so as speed.

Mr. John bickers the bodybuilding trend through furthering his methods to environ the endurance athletes and those who want to bulk up. On top of the diet, Mr. John stressed out the utilization of heavy weights along with intensive squat and reps repetitions.

Worth Considering: Try to ask some people regarding what they think about those diet plans that entail meals that are low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. Surely, many of them will relate such meal plans with weight loss for females.

Thankfully, Dan John emphasized that there are already bodybuilding experts as well as strength trainers who relied on veggies and proteins for several years, and they consider it as their winning formula. You can break down the philosophy of Dan John into 3 E’s (does not need to be in that order):

Exercise- Do heavy weights and reps

Eat- Accentuate protein and eliminate junk food. Make sure to consume sufficient amount of water. Same with Robb Wolff, an advocate of also an LCHF diet, Paleo Diet, Dan John strongly believes in the power of healthy fats and sufficient amount of fiber.

Eliminate- By consuming enough fiber, there is no need for you to have supplements.

Both Dan John and Ben Greenfield do not fully affirm on the best protein sources. However, Mr. Greenfield stressed out the usage and more cooking of various kinds of products. Recently, Ben Greenfield rendered details regarding some his day to day meals, and it looks this way:

During Breakfast:

Ben Greenfield consumes 2 large handfuls of beautiful spinach, 2 scoops of Living Protein, a handful of arugula, a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 handful of almonds, a teaspoon of sea salt, last but not least, a tablespoon of collagen. Combine the ingredients all together and then add 1 handful of Cocochia Snack Mix or organic cacao nibs, to add a little crunch.

For Lunch:

Mr. Greenfield uses 2 large handfuls of spinach, a handful of olives, 1 fresh tomato, 2 tablespoons of chopped seaweed or nori, 1/2c avocado, and a can of sardines. He also uses sea salt, turmeric, and black pepper to enhance the taste.

Pre-workout Snack:

Ben utilizes a BPA Free and sugar-free coconut milk (one excellent example is Native Forest Brand), as well as a cold-processed and low-allergen goat-based vegan or whey protein source. He typically combines a 4 oz. coconut milk with 2 scoops of protein, and then he tops it with healthy, unsweetened coconut flakes, to add a bit of crunch.

You may consider these Ketogenic meal plans of Mr. Ben Greenfield. Soon, you will see a significant improvement in your physique and weight.