Sharon Osbourne Lost 30lbs Because of Ketogenic-Inspired Atkins Diet

At 61 years old, Sharon Osbourne looks stunning and it is all because of her Ketogenic-style Atkins Diet. The said diet plan assisted Ms. Sharon to lose weight just within a matter of 6 weeks. Chief Nutritionist, Linda O’Byrne explained the meal plan of the star, as well as discussed the health perks that can be acquired from low-carb and high-fat diet, like the Ketogenic Diet plan.

Ms. Sharon Osbourne normally restricts her carbohydrate consumption to 25 grams, according to Linda O’Byrne. Below is an example of a Ketogenic-style Atkins Diet plan:

During Breakfast…

You can have a slice of tomato, chopped basil, and mozzarella drizzled with healthy olive oil.

For Lunch…

You can eat 2-egg omelet that is stuffed with half of sautéed onion and mushrooms.

During Dinner…

Cook chicken in cream combined with chopped shallot and pancetta. You can serve this along with spring greens that are sautéed using olive oil.

5 foot 2 Sharon Osbourne, whose weight in the past was 230 pounds, said that her diet plan is the only one that allowed her to keep her weight loss efforts without feeling intense hunger. In the year 1999, Ms. Osbourne lost more than 100 pounds when she underwent a lap-band surgery. However, she gained weight of about 45 pounds when she let the band removed in 2006.

Low-Carb and High-Fat Dietary Plans can curb the Hunger so as Avoid Depression…

The weight of Sharon Osbourne fluctuated for years until she turned to low-carb high fat Ketogenic-style Atkins Diet 2 years ago. According to Ms. Sharon, the best thing about her diet plan is that she is able to maintain the slimness of her physique, without feeling deprived from food. Linda O’Byrne explained that low-carb and high-fat diets like Ketogenic and Atkins Diets are very efficient appetite suppressants.

This is the reason why the dieter do not feel very hungry every now and then, unlike those diets that are low in fat. Linda furthered that low carbohydrate diets can maintain the stability of the blood sugar level so as prevent food cravings. Also, it boosts the mood of the dieter.

As quoted by Maria Emmerich, the author of the book, Keto Adapted, consuming healthy fats and limiting carbohydrate intake promotes weight loss through urging the body to burn those fat in order to have fuel or energy. Despite of the fact that the dramatic weight loss of Kim Kardashian leveraged the mainstream profile of LCHF diets, like Ketogenic and Atkins, such dietary plans are enjoyed by several people due to recent scientific studies confirming that unprocessed, healthy saturated fat is good for the body.

Time Magazine Corrects Anti-Fat Viewpoint after 40 Years…

On the other hand, prestigious publication, Time Magazine stressed out that scientists were false for accusing saturated fats as the primary cause of various medical conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, and heart related illnesses for the past 4 decades. Based on their provocative cover story, the well-respected magazine trumpeted that the 40-year criticism to saturated fat was positioned on false data. Time Magazine, which hit fat as unhealthy and bad in its damning cover story in 1977, quoted the real causative factor of the mentioned illnesses is high-carbohydrate diet.

Dr. Eric Westman, an expert in obesity, explained that LCHF dietary plans, such as Ketogenic Diet does not only spur quick weight loss. It can as well scuffle Depression, Epilepsy, Type 2 Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.